Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where do we go from here?

In early October, I was part of a team that brought in an internationally known speaker for a one-day professional workshop on knowledge management and learning and social media, a relatively new topic in my geography though it has been around a long, long time... Long enough that I worked on some of these topics five and ten years ago.   The good news is that the event was great and the positive feedback wonderful.  However, one reoccurring question from participant after the session has bothered me...

Where do we go from here? 

Yes, we need dialogue in order to create change.  However, part of the reason that this my particular geographic areas gets a reputation for being slow to change is embodied in the question.  

And, while we sit around waiting for someone else to organize our actions, we lose the impetus to charge into change.  

So, I'm dying to ask back, "What do YOU want to do next?  And, why?" 

And I'm dying to say, "Go explore these new opportunities.  Try things out and see what happens.  Then tell the rest of us about your experience.  These are the skills that got us here, today.  Apply them again to this new perspective on our field." 

So, try something new today regardless of your age, your solid position in the community or profession or your own personal preference for the status quo... go try something new and see what happens.